Monday, November 29, 2010


Most men have a sense of pride below the belt.  Some men who have pride definitely should not.  Then there are those who have only a sense of shame.  A penis that is attractive- large, veiny, thick, rock hard- is what any smart woman desires.  If its' less than 8 inches and 3 inches around, its not even worth fucking.  But oh how hard I cum when I fuck a real man.  I don't even waste my time anymore with losers. I spare myself the fake orgasm and send them home blue balled because I've got standards and I don't have to go that low.  I deserve a man who can be proud of his manhood, not ashamed of it.

A penis that is short, stubby, bent, white, soft, thin- utterly undesireable.  Without the length and the girth what am I supposed to feel?  I might as well use my pinky finger to masturbate, I'd get more satisfaction.  I can only imagine how utterly humiliating it must be for a man to hear the words "Is it in yet?". Hehehe.  But to see a man cringe and run away like a scalded dog with his tail between his legs- priceless!

Do yourself a favor- go look in the mirror at your naked body. Think about the last time you got laid.  Oh what's that? You haven't been ?  That's why your right hand is so raw huh.  Looks like someone has a little rug burn on his wiener too.  Disgraceful. See you have such a small penis that NO woman wants it.  Put yourself in her shoes- would you have sex with you?  Didn't think so.  

*Dedicated to Lipstick Boy- the man who could fit his entire cock in a tiny tube of lipstick.  Here is your pity fuck. 

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