Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Truth Hurts

"Men have always detested womens' gossip because they suspect the truth, their measurements are being taken and compared"

Any man will ask you after a sex session, " So, how was it?"

If it was inadequate, I'll simply reply "It was awful. I've slept with men that have much bigger penises.  That was actually quite pitiful". 

Want to know what a painfully inadequate penis looks like?  Look below.  Short, Stubby, Thin,Bent, Pale, Horrendous, Pitiful, Shameful, just a little nubber that will never satisfy a woman.  Sad, isn't it.  A man with a penis as small, puny, insufficient as this one should surely know he is not a man at all. 

A man with a penis like this most definitely has a case of penis envy.  In contemporary culture, the term is most often used to refer to males who are envious of the size of another man's larger penis.

So then what does a penis of a man who would not have penis envy look like?
Big, beautiful, thick, long, juicy, suckable, fuckable , real man's cock.  See boys,women don't want a skinny little thing, they like  a man with some meat on his bone.  What would I tell this man after fucking him?  " Oh my god, you are amazing.  I love fucking that monster cock. Please can I have more? I'm ready when you are."

Size does matter, more than you can understand.  Even giving a blow job to a man with a meaty cock is more fun, more to gag on , more to lick, kiss and suck.  Bigger is better. Small is just funny.  You can't expect a woman to take you seriously when you show her how small your dick is.  Maybe a blow up doll won't laugh at you, but she probably can't feel it either.

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  1. size does matter and I will be a virgin forever because of my little sissy prick. But at least it is owned my princess Melissa, she is the greatest thing in the world and gives my life purpose