Saturday, January 8, 2011

Penile Punishment

HAHAHAHA! I'm Sorry I don't think I've ever seen one that small before!! Have you actually scored with that thing? Oooh wait! Don't put your pants on yet - I need to get a picture to show the girls.  It looks like one of those vienna cocktail weiners!  If I were you , I'd stick to the inflatable girlfriends.  At least they won't be  able to complain about it.

So what happens when a man doesn't think his penis is that small?  I show them just how emasculated they truly are.  Steve was trying to convince me that he is a man.  What did I do?  You'll just have to read to find out.....

I took Steve to my full length mirror.  I told him to take off all of his clothes.  Then  I forced him to stand in front of the mirror and stare at his hideous naked body.  Lets face it, there really isn't anything spectacular about the male body.  I asked him to point out the prominent things he notices first.  A big belly.  A hairy chest. Muscular legs.  Then what? Where is the penis?  Can you find it?  It was as if he had a second belly button about 12 inches below. What a disgrace!  I burst out in uncontrollable laughter.  Then as I told him how pathetic he was, he began to cry.

"Oh my god! You're crying! What a little bitch! Hahahahaa!!! You think you're a man! Cry you little sissy girl! " I took my riding crop and smacked his little penis with force.  "You want something to cry about?" He shrieked in pain and began to cry more.  So I hit him again.  "Maybe that will give you a little extra girth!  This will make it appear bigger for a little while". SMACK again!  Hahaha.   "See this is the punishment you receive for having such a pitiful little cock."

I then opened my dresser drawer and grabbed a pair of pink silky panties.  I told him to put them on.  "Put on the panties you fucking girl and look at yourself in the mirror. "Do you see what a pussy you are?"


"You do not tell your mistress what you are.  LOOK At yourself! I don't see a man.  Not convinced huh?"
As he shook and cried staring at his shameful shell of a man's body, I handed him a tube of lipstick.  I told him to put it on.  I laughed with an evil laugh as I watched him put on the lipstick as he cried.  Then I took a few  pictures as a memento, so I can see him crying as he's wearing his lipstick. 
          It got me so excited to see how much I broke him down and made him cry like a little girl. I love to humiliate.  I love to tease.  I love to remind men why they really are not men at all. Humiliated, broken., and reminded of the truth, that penis size does matter.  And the truth hurts oh so much,

Your dick is so small you  have to pay for PHONE SEX just to get the attention of a beautiful girl. You always get blue balled because once she finds out how small it is- she just doesn't want to fuck you.  Satisfy your woman- get her a new dildo or a new boyfriend for that matter! SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION PHONE SEX.

Because if it doesn't measure Up- I'll Laugh At your Little Dick!

 Your Ultimate Small Penis Humiliation Mistress

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  1. I have a small penis and it is owned by Princess Melissa of She is absolute perfection and every inferior loser male like me should worship the ground she walks on